Terms of Enrolment re. our Parent's Charter

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This Charter sets out the particulars and the conditions of our contract to provide an Out of School Service.


Childcare in the community support and facilitate play experiences for children of school age up till 16 years.

Children's play is freely chosen from a variety of play spaces and resources. They determine and control the content and intent of their play.

Playworkers provide a stimulating and challenging play environment where children can express their feelings in a positive way and make new friends. Children have the opportunity to be involved in handling, tasting and learning about different foods, discovering ways in which eating and drinking help us to grow and keep healthy.

The children plan their own healthy snack menu.


School Holidays:       

During the school holidays children plan trips and outings giving them the opportunity to understand the world around them by exporing their own and the wider environment.                                                              



TERM TIME COVER:                                     3.00pm - 6.00pm



CHILDCARE FEES: (As from 18/03/2024)


TERM TIME:            £17.00 per day  (regardless of attendance or hours)

HOLIDAY COVER:  £33.55 per day    


A 10% discount is applied if you have more than one child attending. This discount does not apply to the first child. Discount is not applicable if fees paid by 3rd party i.e college/university.        

A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice in writing will be given for any proposed fee changes.

All fees are due in full in advance for each week/month unless special arrangements are made.

Any extra (one off) days i.e. emergency cover, special circumstances, etc. Requested, will be given subject to availability and paid for in advance or on the day when your child arrives.

Changes in Arrangements

If your child is going to be absent from the service, please contact the office before 9.15am on the day of absence. You may also leave a message on service’s mobile, which has an answering service. 
Please keep a copy of the service’s telephone number with you at all times.

Please note that it is vital we know if your child is going to be absent from the service so that we know exactly which children to collect from the school.


Emergency Contacts

The contacts should be people who would be willing to collect and care for your child if your child is sick. They should have agreed to be emergency contacts and should have signed the appropriate registration form. If your child is sick you will be notified first. If you are unable to be contacted, the emergency contact will be notified.


Medical Conditions

The service MUST be made aware of any medical conditions that your child suffers from. 
Parents wishing a child to be given prescribed medicine must complete consent form detailing the prescribed medicine and frequency of dosage your child requires whilst attending the service.


Sick Children

It is up to the OOSC provider to decide if a child is too sick to be at OOSC. If a child becomes ill while attending OOSC, the parents will be notified and expected to pick up the child. Sick children will as far as possible, be isolated from the rest of the children until parent/guardian picks them up from the service.


Collection of Children

The person who is collecting the child must sign them out before taking them home. The service must be given a note of the names and addresses of the persons who are authorised to collect your child and Childcare in the Community must be given a copy of their signatures. 
Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that any alterations or updates to their emergency contact list is provided to Childcare in the Community. If someone other than the parent/guardian is collecting the child, the person collecting the child must be given a letter signed by the parent/guardian authorising them to collect the child. In the event of no signed letter, the Out of School Care staff will be unable to let the child leave the Out of School Care setting. The person collecting the child must be over 16 years of age.


Late Collection of Children 

Please note that Hillhouse & Earnock Community Centre closes at 6.00pm sharp and staff have to leave the building. Also Childcare in the Community are only insured for your child till 6.00pm. You must telephone the service / office if you are going to be late to allow Childcare in the Community to make further arrangements. An extra charge will be applied for late collection of your child(ren).


In the event of your child not being collected from the service by the normal closing time – previously stated, we will try to contact you and then your emergency contacts. If we cannot reach either of you we will contact Social Work standby who will then be responsible for the care of your child.


Children Absent from Collection Point

In the event of your child not being at the collection point, Childcare in the Community staff will confirm if the child has attended school that day. The parent/guardian will be contacted in the first instance and if unable to contact either parent/guardians, the emergency contacts will be notified. Thereafter the child will be reported missing to the police.


Provision of Meals & Snacks

Term Time: Childcare in the Community will provide each child with a healthy snack .

Holiday periods: Packed lunches should be provided by parent/guardian. A snack will be provided by Childcare in the Community morning and afternoon.



Confidentiality within the childcare facility is essential to promote a trusting relationship between staff, children, parent/guardian.Parents can consult with staff at any time, on any issue relevant to the care of their children and any information exchanged will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.



To help maintain and develop the service it is important to hold regular fundraising events in which ALL parents and children will be encouraged to participate. Any fundraising ideas would be welcomed.


Consent for Photographs

Occasionally photographs taken in the childcare service are used for publicity materials. You will be asked to complete a Consent Form (attached to Registration Form) stating whether or not you agree to your child’s photograph being used in these materials.


Notice Period/Provisions

Subject to provisions outlined below, this agreement can be terminated by either party giving two weeks written notice.


In the event of the parent/guardian defaulting or being in breach of any of the provisions or undertakings contained or referred to in this agreement, the Childcare in the Community Manager or designate shall be entitled to terminate this agreement with immediate effect.

It should be noted that termination of this agreement does not absolve the parent/guardian of any outstanding liability due to Childcare in the Community Out of School Care.


Registered Charity No. SC043033

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